Summer Garden 2022 Miracles Do Happen

If you could wish for one miracle today, would you wish for a miracle for yourself or for someone else? As you step outside into this world, are you confronted with miracles, or with something else?

Do you experience the miracle of your shadow on the pavement before you on a bright sunny morning? Do you notice the miracle of a bird nesting in the tree branches above your reach? Do you see the miracle of the butterfly, floating past you erratically on the breeze?

The honey bee nestled in the petals of a sweet scented flower is a miracle. The shadows cast from the petals of a tea rose, blooming in a summer garden are a miracle. The butterfly that lands for one brief moment, so you may inspect his wings, he is a miracle.

Miracles are not things to be wished for; miracles surround us each day, right outside our front door. They are there for us to see or not see.

My Summer Garden is a symphony of miracles.

I treasure the miracle of the brilliant colors of tulips and daisies glittering like jewels in the sun. I see a miracle in the ladybug I observe inspecting the soft petals of a blooming flower. I see a miracle in cast shadows on the ground reaffirming we are here, people, plants, trees, physically occupying and sharing this miraculous world.

A world abundantly filled with beautiful colors, shapes and shadows, teeming with life.

This is my world. Welcome to my Summer Garden. I wish to share it with you!

August Magnolia, A Little Gem On The Easel

August Magnolia, A Little Gem On The Easel by Karen LaFontaine
August Magnolia, A Little Gem currently On The Easel by Karen LaFontaine
Karen LaFontaine Fine Art Website Icon featuring Spring's Cardinal

Summer Garden 2022

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