Bee Happy This Fall!

Detail From Oil Painting Bee Happy by Karen LaFontaine
Detail from Bee Happy oil painting by Karen LaFontaine

A Sunflower Portrait

The spectacular beauty of our fall season is increasingly abundant with each passing day. Renewed energy and good cheer ushered in by the changing season hangs in the air, everywhere, I see friends and neighbors about town. On a recent weekend outing, I relished the sight of our farmers market selling pumpkins, Indian corn and crisp, sweet apples harvested in our Georgia Mountains.

My family has slowly and now surely bid goodbye to hot, humid summer days. We enjoy waking up to the cool, invigorating morning air, falling leaves and the donning of socks, shoes and sweaters as we tumble out of doors.

I especially celebrate this time of year! – As a gardener, because I love the fall planting season. I take a break from my painting studio and I refuel my spirit with a trip to our local plant nursery to take in all the brightly colored pansies with their cheerful, painted faces lifted toward the warm afternoon sunshine. I am excited that it is time to decorate our lawn and our garden with pansies, scarecrows, pumpkins, and best of all… my fall season favorite, sunflowers!

If ever there was a cheerful harbinger of the fall season, the sunflower occupies a special place in my heart. As a flower lover and an artist who enjoys painting flowers, I surely enjoyed creating my sunflower portrait entitled, Bee Happy, to celebrate this very special time of year. Painted on an 11 by 14 inch canvas, this original oil painting presents a happy, honeybee nestled in the sunflower’s center, framed by golden flower petals. Finished with a bright cerulean blue sky and crisp dark, green leaves glazed in a warm red glow – this original oil painting exudes all that I love of the fall season.

Should you, your friends and family love the fall season and the cheerful warm tidings that sunflowers bring, then my, Bee Happy, oil painting was created for your enjoyment too! Bee Happy is on exhibit in my art gallery, and available for purchase as a museum quality print to hang in your home!

Thank you for visiting me in my Artist’s Journal On The Easel. I love sharing my heart felt inspirations for a wonderfully cheerful sunflower painting with you! Article image, detail from my sunflower portrait, Bee Happy, oil on canvas, 11 by 14 inches.

Be well, Karen LaFontaine

Enjoy sumptuous flower portraits available as museum quality prints:

Tulip Garden Treasure Flower Painting by Karen LaFontaine
Tulip Garden Treasure Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine
Tea Rose Delight Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine
Tea Rose Delight Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine

Forever Yours Red Rose, Flower Painting by Karen LaFontaine
Forever Yours Red Rose, Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine

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