Artist's Journal Quote by Karen LaFontaine October 2022

Rose Painting

Today is a magically wonderful day in my art studio. I am laser focused on my subject, immersed in the rhythm of painting a single

Magnolia Little Gem Karen LaFontaine

Magnolia Little Gem

A Georgia Garden Beauty At the start of our spring gardening season, some twenty years ago, my husband planted a new tree in our backyard.

Butterfly Wings Artist's Journal On The Easel

Butterfly Wings

Such Beautiful Things Among my new oil paintings this summer, Passion Butterfly Tango, which showcases the fleeting beauty of one of the South’s long-winged and

Detail Bee Happy by Karen LaFontaine for Artist's Journal

Bee Happy This Fall!

A Sunflower Portrait The spectacular beauty of our fall season is increasingly abundant with each passing day. Renewed energy and good cheer ushered in by

Ode To O'Keeffe by Karen LaFontaine Artist's Journal Detail

Ode To O’Keeffe

Channeling a Master My latest oil painting is inspired by the beauty of my flower garden and all its many colorful blooms. My focus for

Daffodil Pair by Karen LaFontaine

Daffodil Pair

How to Paint A Value Study of Flowers A return to simple value studies is inspiring me with fresh ideas this summer! After all, what

Photograph Detail from My Camellia Dream by Karen LaFontaine July 2021

My Camellia Dream

Upon Awakening One day I decided to plant a prized garden treasure, a red camellia bush that identifies by the name, Tom Knudsen, in my


Summer Garden

Miracles Do Happen If you could wish for one miracle today, would you wish for a miracle for yourself, or for someone else? As you

Detail from Sunny Daze Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine

Sunny Daze

As Garden Photographer Our erratic spring weather makes March a tricky month in Georgia. One day, it trends warm and sunny, and we all enjoy

Detail from Joseph's Coat by Karen LaFontaine

In Anticipation Of Spring

Joseph’s Coat In Georgia, our coldest stretch of winter has arrived. We are shivering to temperatures that dip into the twenties overnight. And, we are

Detail from Forever Yours Red Rose Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine for AJ

Forever Yours Valentine Rose

Forever Yours Red Rose Be My Valentine. I will love you forever. This perfect red rose was one in a bouquet of roses given to

Detail from Tulip Garden Treasure on January 24, 2021 for Artist Journal Post

Valentine Red

Tulip Garden Treasure When I am in search of inspiration for a painting, I repeatedly discover that I do not have to travel far from

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