Detail from Sunset Mountain, a landscape painting by Karen LaFontaine

Sunset Mountain

My Brightest Fire A fire in the sky reflecting the brightest fire that is my soul. My heartfelt inspiration to paint and to create the

Mountain High, Colorado

My Big Sister And I “And the Colorado rocky mountain high, I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky”. Growing up, this popular John Denver song

Cloudy Day Blue Ridge Georgia Detail by Karen LaFontaine

Cloudy Day, Blue Ridge Georgia

On Exhibit At The Hudgens I am happy to share that my original landscape painting entitled, Cloudy Day, Blue Ridge Georgia, is currently on exhibit

Detail from Dreamscape by Karen LaFontaine

I See, I Dream

Dreamscape Dreamscape, a tribute to what we see when we dream. My “through the looking glass” oil painting, entitled, Dreamscape, presents our natural world in

Chattahoochee River Adventure by Karen LaFontaine, detail from underpainting

A True Painting Adventure

Chattahoochee River Adventure These past few weeks I have enjoyed updating my nephew, Erik, and his mom on the progress of my current landscape painting

Tree Study Oil on Paper Artist's Journal Post by Karen LaFontaine

Tree Study, Oil on Paper

An Adventure In Painting Some days, I get especially playful and just feel the need to experiment! Recently, I decided a series of small, oil

Detail from underpainting, Oil on Canvas, Chattahoochee River Adventure, by Karen LaFontaine

Chattahoochee River Adventure

A True Painting Adventure A brilliant blue summer sky, rolling white clouds, the peaceful atmosphere of the start of a sunny day on Georgia’s Chattahoochee

Detail from Morning Greets Us, Amelia Island, digital scan

Morning Greets Us, Amelia Island

Twice Exhibited Painting Comes Home In 2019, my oil painting Morning Greet Us, Amelia Island became “a favorite” very quickly amongst art lovers and friends

Karen LaFontaine with Dreamscape Canvas for Artist's Journal


A Tribute To What We See When We Dream My current landscape painting, entitled, Dreamscape, presents our natural world in an abstract dreamlike fashion. It

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