Celebrating Mountain Stream Beauty, North Georgia

On Exhibit At The Hudgens

I am excited to share that my original landscape painting entitled, Mountain Stream Beauty, North Georgia, is currently on exhibit in The Georgia Gallery at the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning located in Duluth, Georgia. This one-of-a-kind oil painting is included in their 10th Annual Juried Members Exhibition that is open for viewing through January 30, 2021.

In this unique landscape, I invite the viewer to enjoy the summertime magic of the cool, shady waters of one of our most treasured rivers. Painted in the spring of 2019, this wonderful river scene depicts a torrent of foaming, rushing water that promises to spill off the canvas to wet each viewer’s toes.

I created this wonderfully refreshing scene in celebration of the many summer vacation days my family has spent enjoying river activities such as canoeing, wading and picnicking along our beautiful riverbanks. If you also enjoy river activities such as fishing, canoeing or simply escaping from home, then this unique oil painting may help you remember your river adventures too!

Should you live in the local area of Duluth, Georgia, some thirty miles east of Atlanta, I invite you to visit Mountain Stream Beauty, North Georgia and many more works of fine art, at The Hudgens and enjoy an art filled beginning to your new year!

I am happy to share that this wonderful painting, hangs alongside my painting entitled, Cloudy Day, Blue Ridge Georgia, in this annual exhibition. Together, these timeless landscapes provide a truly heartfelt tribute to the natural beauty of my home state, where my family has resided since 1997.

I am happy to share that custom printed, museum quality giclées of Cloudy Day, Blue Ridge Georgia are available in two sizes today!

Thank you for visiting with me in my Artist’s Journal, On The Easel. I love sharing the story of my original oil paintings which are currently on exhibit with you!

Best wishes for 2021! Be well, Karen LaFontaine

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