Celebrating The Rose

Tea Rose Delight Oil Painting by Karen LaFontaine, detail for AJ post
Detail from Tea Rose Delight oil painting by Karen LaFontaine

Tea Rose Delight

This week I am adding my finishing touches to my newest completed oil painting entitled, Tea Rose Delight. It is always a joy filled experience when a new painting is completed. During this time, I celebrate, as I prepare new canvases. My creative work continues, humming along with its own rhythm, ensuring an adventure that only creative endeavors bring.

Truly, Tea Rose Delight was an adventure to create! This rose portrait was painted to burst past the edges of its 16×20 inch canvas. Its larger than life size, celebrates its natural beauty, drawing both artist and viewer together for a close up experience.

For me, the exploration of nature through painting such a singular and unique treasure went a step further still. I painted this one of a kind rose portrait using what artist’s call a limited palette. Created with just one hue of yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, one of crimson, Alizarin Crimson Permanent and one blue, Ultramarine Blue and white, this painting is unique in its varied shades of gold, pink and violet.

If you love the natural beauty of flowers and especially roses, I invite you to visit my online gallery often. There will always be beautifully colored roses like Forever Yours Red Rose and other flower portraits available as giclées, there for you for purchase! And, soon, Tea Rose Delight will be there too!

Thank you for visiting with me in my Artist’s Journal, On The Easel. I love sharing the storied adventure of my newest completed canvas with you! (Image is detail from Tea Rose Delight, oil on canvas, 16×20 inches).

I am happy to share that Tea Rose Delight is now an exhibited oil painting and fine art reproductions are now available as limited edition giclée exclusively through my online gallery, Just click on her image to purchase her there!

Your museum quality giclée will be created near my home in Atlanta, Georgia by one of the foremost giclée specialists in the country. And, I will personally hand sign and number her before she is shipped right to your doorstep! I hope you are as excited as I am about the news!

Tea Rose Delight Flower Painting by Karen LaFontaine
Click Tea Rose Delight to purchase from my gallery.

Be well, Karen LaFontaine

To contact me directly about Tea Rose Delight, email me at: karen@karenlafontainefineart.com

Share this story of my one of a kind artwork with your flower loving friends!

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