Seven Pipers Running by Karen LaFontaine on exhibit at The Hudgens Center
Seven Pipers Running on Exhibit at The Hudgens Center in January 2022

A Story Worth Sharing

The story of my oil painting Seven Pipers Running is unique. The creation of this eighteen by twenty four inch work of art spans a very singular time in my life and is a story worth sharing.

The actual work of painting this canvas, I began at my local arts center where I always enjoy the camaraderie of fellow artists. I worked through my color palette and enjoyed my first painting sessions with my sandpipers alongside friends on Saturday mornings.

The timeframe was the winter of 2019, and as we painters dispersed for our year-end break and reconvened in January 2020, our creative endeavors hummed along in happy unison. Then in March of 2020, the arrival of the covid 19 pandemic brought the abrupt shutdown of many of life’s activities, including my treasured painting class. For me, it meant Seven Pipers Running would be completed in my studio.

While completing works of art in my studio is a regular occurrence, the completion of Seven Pipers Running in April of 2020, during the pandemic while socially distanced from friends, was a bittersweet moment. A new painting was finished! And, I happily texted many colorful photos to family and friends to share the news! However, I wondered – how will I get to share my new painting with fellow art lovers?

My answer to our covid 19 pandemic was to keep on painting and to take a bold step in a new direction – to go digital. Hence, the story of Seven Pipers Running now encompasses much more than a new canvas. This life-changing story includes the creation of my online Art Gallery, Karen LaFontaine Fine Art, and its public launch in June 2020.

Today, in January 2022, the story of Seven Pipers Running continues. This wonderful, seashore inspired oil painting has newly arrived home, and is now a twice exhibited artwork! I was thrilled to exhibit Seven Pipers Running in the 11th Annual Juried Members Show at the Hudgens Center. What a wondrous story for this painting to complete a full circle in life and to exhibit at the Hudgens!

This winter, once again, I enjoy painting alongside fellow artists on Saturday mornings – at the Hudgens! The pandemic continues to play a role in our daily lives and yet we show up. We support one another in our endeavors because the need to create in life and to persevere is something we do best together.

Life is Art! Be well, Karen LaFontaine

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