Sunlit Surf

Beach Days Ahead

As February winds down, I feel energized as the winter season loosens its grip on us Georgians. During this past week, we experienced a couple days of unseasonably warm temperatures that have raised my family’s expectations for an early spring.

With each passing day now, we optimistically eye our flower garden, intent on observing the first precious signs of what is to come. Daffodils are slowly emerging from the rich, cultivated soil. These early, spring season bloomers are growing a little bit braver, a little bit taller, seemingly encouraged by the added minutes of daylight.

At my easel, I too am encouraged by the lengthening days, and I feel inspired to grow busier. As an oil painter, using the indirect method of letting canvases dry between painting sessions, I often have a number of canvases underway at any given time.

In my studio, I contemplate my progress with a pair of cloudscape studies. These are ocean sunrise scenes, painted using subtle tones, smokey greys with pops of color. These two canvases sit alongside a new, colorful seascape. Good progress is being made as I continue my exploration of nature. I am always inspired by the beauty of the world in which we live, and I stand at my easel intent on capturing precious moments in time.

Today, my focus turns to my seascape. In this painting, a pair of grassy sand dunes flank a hidden path to a pristine stretch of beach, glistening in the morning sun. This is not the first time I have painted such a scene. I remain enchanted with my idea of finding a wondrous and secluded beach on a morning stroll near the seashore.

I set up my palette to begin again. I set out both warm and cool primary colors alongside my favorite whites. It may be winter still, but I dream ahead to the warmer days to come, and the promise of beach days yet to be enjoyed. In my painting studio, the sound of the ocean surf comes alive. The sunlight is glistening off the salty water and onto the sandy beach where I dream to stroll and picnic with my family.

I remain inspired, as I choose to look ahead.

Thank you for visiting with me in my Artist’s Journal. I love sharing the inspiration for my new painting entitled, Sunlit Surf, currently On The Easel with you! (Article image is detail from first stages of Sunlit Surf, 24 inches by 30 inches, oil on canvas.)

Be well, Karen LaFontaine

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